The series of conferences “International Conference on Clifford Algebras and Their Applications in Mathematical Physics” was initiated in 1985 by Prof. John Stephen Roy Chisholm† of the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK. These ICCA conferences, organized alternatively in Europe and the Americas, are intended to bring together leading scientists and young researchers in the field of Clifford algebras and their various applications in mathematics, physics, engineering, and other applied sciences. The English mathematician and philosopher William Kingdon Clifford is best remembered for his geometric algebras, nowadays better known in mathematics as Clifford algebras, named so in his honor, but he also contributed significantly to other branches of mathematics, especially geometry. 

The idea for a W. K. Clifford Prize was already born in 2002 at the Cookeville ICCA06 conference and was revived in 2011 by discussions mainly within the International Advisory Board of ICCA. The first W. K. Clifford Prize was awarded in July 2011 at ICCA09 Conference in Weimar, Germany.

W.K. Clifford Prize Awards

  • 2020 Hefei, ChinaDmitrii Legatiuk
  • 2017 Ghent, BelgiumDavid Kimsey
  • 2014 Tartu, EstoniaDavid Eelbode
  • 2011 Weimar, GermanyHendrick De Bie