Dmitrii Legatiuk to Receive 4th W.K. Clifford Prize


Dmitrii Legatiuk of Bauhaus-Universität Weimar has been selected as the recipient of the 2020 W. K. Clifford Prize for his “significant contributions in Clifford analysis, including interpolation of monogenic functions, quaternionic operator calculus, and construction of advanced numerical methods.”  Dr. Legatiuk earned his Ph.D. from Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, where his doctoral research earned him the 2015 University Prize for Young Scientists. 

Dr. Legatiuk’s interest in Clifford analysis, particularly its potential to solve difficult applied problems, has led him to such advances as using quaternionic operator calculus to construct representation formulas for solutions of boundary value problems in advanced elasticity theories, interpolation of monogenic functions by various tools, and developing a finite element exterior calculus based on script geometry.   His interests “span mathematics, computer science, and engineering, reflecting the broad applicability of Clifford algebras and echoing the wide-ranging interests of W. K. Clifford himself.”

The W. K. Clifford Prize is an international scientific prize intended to encourage young researchers to compete for excellence in research in theoretical and applied Clifford algebras and their analysis and geometry. Awarded every three years at ICCA (International Conference on Clifford Algebras and their Applications in Mathematical Physics), the 2020 W.K. Clifford Prize will be awarded to Dr. Legatiuk at the 12th ICCA in Hefei, China.  

 Image courtesy of Dmitrii Legatiuk.